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New technologies for Web Development

HTML5 is a core tech markup language which is really rock solid & growing js libraries converting it to more robust & useful structure.

Marriage of HTML5+JS libraries result is being shown in-terms of high-end interactive html5 applications which are purely a combination of html5 attributes with javascript & css selectors.

Scratchpad – Realtime HTML & CSS Editor

There is a new & exciting HTML + CSS utility called  Scratchpad, it helps in cross check your html and css scripting in REALTIME, It is much helpful specially for beginners in web development & design. It is developed by a Designer named ‘Nathan Bashaw‘. So try your code & checkout this special utility here.!!

Flowchart & Animation with JS

Now FlowCharts, Animations & Graphs can be customize with the help of JS libraries. JsPlumb.org is a source ORG which helps to use different JS libraries like JQuery, Mootools, YUI3 to work with. These can be use to generate different type of flow charts and other interactive presentations. some of them are presented below: flow-charts […]