Fan page new structure for Global Brands!!

  Each day people around the world engaging with their favorite brands on Facebook. Now Facebook announced Global page concept, that giving the best localized experience for International brands. Now using this  facebook global page user will see the best version of fan page according to geographical location from where they logged in & Fan page […]

Flowchart & Animation with JS

Now FlowCharts, Animations & Graphs can be customize with the help of JS libraries. is a source ORG which helps to use different JS libraries like JQuery, Mootools, YUI3 to work with. These can be use to generate different type of flow charts and other interactive presentations. some of them are presented below: flow-charts […]

How to Plant ‘Font Bombs’ on Any Website..

Now you can plant “Font Bombs” on any Website, this is a drag & drop utility by fontbomb, you have to follow these simple steps: *Just go to FontBomb and drag & drop the tool to your browser’s tool bar. *Now open any website & click that tool icon to plant a BOMB on any Web […]

GIFs That Keeps ‘Rolling’

A couple of friends from Japan started a new project called rrrrrrrroll, using photography/Gifs to animate humans & things in turning on a single axis. Gifs By rrrrrrrroll.

W3C HTML & CSS Markup Validation Service

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) markup service is really a important key point for any website, since this service allows internet users to cross check XHTML & HTML markups for well formed  standards. Why To Validate: These are some facts about why you should validate your website against W3C standards: Debugging tool: While Old Web browsers do […]