How to speed up iphone 4, iphone 4S with iOS 7

iOS7 is the latest & advance operating system for a iOS devices. Basically its been built for latest 64-bit A7 processor with high-end 1GB of RAM, still its available for iphone4, 4s & ipad2 to install.

Many of us already installed iOS7 in to old configured devices like iphone4, 4S & still struggling to use device as fast as earlier,  iOS7 has many build-in feature which can make our life easier, like “Background App Refresh” – which automatically refreshes app stream & data.

since these kind of feature required additional RAM/processor consumption, by disabling some of those feature can boost your device speed.

Here you can check some of those tips:

1. Disable Background App Refresh- Responsible for automatically app refresh, uses device’s RAM, processor.

  • Goto Settings > General > Background App Refresh – Click to Disable
















2.Reduce Motion- Responsible for icons, background parallax effect. 

  • Goto Settings > General > Accessibility – Reduce Motion – Click to Enable
















3.Increase Contrast- Responsible some background transparent effects, by-default its viewable in bottom slide with some transparency. 

  • Goto Settings > General > Accessibility – Increase Contrast – Click to Enable
















4.Location Service: Responsible for locate you on maps with the help of in-built GPS device, its also keeps consume battery. In-case you’re not using any location based service so it should be disabled.

  • Goto Settings > Privacy >Location Services -Click to Enable/Disable


Above mentioned TRICKS/OPTIONS can also boost-up your device battery life, let me know if you found some other helpful info regarding iOS7 optimisation.

Also do let me know, if this article helped you anyway to boost your iphone/ipad.


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