Tech (18)

What is Sass

Sass (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets) is a scripting language & CSS3 extension, making fun of all stylesheet coding, now CSS writing is not a tricky & complex work, if you know some programming then you can easily become a SASS code writer…

Free Virtual Ruler

If you are passionate about web interfaces & love pixel to pixel match designs, so this virtual tool called “FREE RULER”, specially designed & developed for you.

Scratchpad – Realtime HTML & CSS Editor

There is a new & exciting HTML + CSS utility called  Scratchpad, it helps in cross check your html and css scripting in REALTIME, It is much helpful specially for beginners in web development & design. It is developed by a Designer named ‘Nathan Bashaw‘. So try your code & checkout this special utility here.!!

Ready to WordPress 3.5

WordPress 3.5 is Officially Released. Now you can enjoy new features of latest version. This is my way saying just go for it, i recently updated my blog to 3.5 version, and its awesome.

WP team introduced some new features, which includes: New Media manager, Retina Display, New Default theme and Notifications bar.

Magento FAQs

While Working with Magento shopping cart, usually we stuck with some simple but time consuming general issues.
Here i m providing some quick solutions for such issues…