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Use custom fonts using css & font-face

Custom fonts are really awesome, now its a part of coding practise to include them. Using css3.0, we can use @font-face to include fonts.

@font-face is supported in all major browsers i.e.- IE-9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari. With @font-face front-end developers do no longer have to use one of the “web-safe” fonts.

Free Virtual Ruler

If you are passionate about web interfaces & love pixel to pixel match designs, so this virtual tool called “FREE RULER”, specially designed & developed for you.

How to Plant ‘Font Bombs’ on Any Website..

Now you can plant “Font Bombs” on any Website, this is a drag & drop utility by fontbomb, you have to follow these simple steps: *Just go to FontBomb and drag & drop the tool to your browser’s tool bar. *Now open any website & click that tool icon to plant a BOMB on any Web […]

GIFs That Keeps ‘Rolling’

A couple of friends from Japan started a new project called rrrrrrrroll, using photography/Gifs to animate humans & things in turning on a single axis. Gifs By rrrrrrrroll.