New technologies for Web Development

HTML5 is a core tech markup language which is really rock solid & growing js libraries converting it to more robust & useful structure.

Marriage of HTML5+JS libraries result is being shown in-terms of high-end interactive html5 applications which are purely a combination of html5 attributes with javascript & css selectors.

Use custom fonts using css & font-face

Custom fonts are really awesome, now its a part of coding practise to include them. Using css3.0, we can use @font-face to include fonts.

@font-face is supported in all major browsers i.e.- IE-9, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari. With @font-face front-end developers do no longer have to use one of the “web-safe” fonts.

How to speed up iphone 4, iphone 4S with iOS 7

iOS7 is the latest & advance operating system for a iOS devices. Basically its been built for latest 64-bit A7 processor with high-end 1GB of RAM, still its available for iphone4, 4s & ipad2 to install.

Many of us already installed iOS7 in to old configured devices like iphone4, 4S & still struggling to use device as fast as earlier.

How to Save Protected Images from any website

On most of the websites we can save image very easily by right clicking on it & just click “Save Image as” option and it done, wallhh.
But some website don’t allow to save images by disabling Right Click options or if website is in flash formats so it will be difficult to get images.

Frequently used Linux or CentOS commands

A collection of some important but initial CentOS commands, which frequently used with LINUX, CentOS servers.

I collected some of them with examples, since its not exact list by any means but should give a jumpstart on some of the common Linux + CentOS commands.